Reply to "Heard in the stall next door"

Goodness Ladies and Gents...Staying home?

After all that we have suffered, after all of the surgeries to save our lives...after everything that we have gone through...we are now becoming shut-ins because we make noise in toilets? Goodness NO!

Get out there and fart for the cause! Toot-y-toot-toot to your hearts content...make a ruckus...stink up the place and then do it some your inner gas!

Do not let what others may possibly, eventually, if they ever meet you again in a world far far away...think of your bowels stop you from going out and living!!!

With all of the crap out there in this world and the uncertainty that surrounds us why waste your life worrying about that?

I just got back from traveling to the Middle East to visit the new Grand baby and her 3yr old brother...had the time of my life and I pottied with the Kangaroos in an Austrailian zoo, emptied my pouch among the monkeys in yet another zoo and litterally pooped while being spied on by a very strange looking  blue-headed bird the size of my husband...(not the same colour of feathers as him!)...and all while laughing my head off with a 3yr old next to me!

I am too old to care what the world thinks...I am too busy making my grandkids laugh!

Time to make a new resolution to enjoy life!


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