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Reply to "healing is measured in months and years"

You just gave me hope.

A cofactor (BTW) is lifelong depression

My biggest problem is emptying my pouch. If it's 100% liquid (which I don't want) I have to squeeze the right muscles to get it out. Even them I'm not 100% sure I'm empty. The PT showed me a trick. Get on all fours on your bed and get you butt as high up as you can. That way the gas floats to the top.  When you empty, the fart at the end tells you that you're empty.  Thank God I get to work from home. at work there is one bathroom where the office staff are for 70 people. When this is more under control, I'll go back as there is a single occupancy bathroom on the first floor

I have a nutritionist that recommends I make a yogurt based shake with some berries, a Banna and pulverized Chia & Flax seed. It's her take that these will help thicken things up. It works most of the time but sometimes I do reach for the Metamucil.

I put off surgery until last October (I was 63)  I had fantastic quality of life. I worked out with a personal trainer at least three times a week and didn't shy away from short sleeve shirts. I ran 1/2 marathons, did Warrior Dashes and the Chicago Urbanathalon (A half marathon with challenges every mile).  For the 1st time in my life (This started at 50) I was actually lean and muscular. Didn't hurt the marriage either:-) I was about 150 and my body fate was like 4 percent.

So now it's building my weight and energy back up. I'm 126 now. Bless you for all you have been able to do.  I'm using dumb bells for exercise and go for at least a 20 minute walk during the day.

It's hard on the ones we love: My partner does laundry, is my health care worker, takes care of the dog & cat.  (Part of it is contyrol as no one does thing "right."  I am doing more and more and do a big cleaning of the whole house on Fridays.

You are amazing! Thanks for letting me vent. 

Nice to connect with a fellow Seattle person.  If you ever have any mote wisdom, please share

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