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healing is measured in months and years

please forgive me if this kind of post topic has been asked before.

It’s only been a little over a month since my take down.  I can’t seem to get the consistency of my output right.  I should add I have some pelvic floor issues.  A fantastic PT worked with me before the take down and I seemed to be ready

Now if I feel like I’m not getting my pouch empty I push pretty hard but the stool is too solid.  Then I might have a shot of coffee and then its easy to empty but my doctor says the more times the stool is liquid the harder it will be to train the muscles to learn to output thicker stool.  

I’m 64 and the thought of this back and forth is wearing me out.  Yesterday I took no fiber but was still stuffed up.  Yes this is a rant but if it will take at least three months for things to stabilize I don’t know if I can do it.  

What do other folks do to get through this?  A hobby?  This is always on my mind.  


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