Haywire Ostomy??? Just Got Out Of Hospital.

Hi guys, been a while since here last. I still have a "temp" illiostomy.

All has been steady for some time. I'm an avid cyclist and thin build. 128.lbs 5'10" No reserves like most folks. Last Sunday I did a 42 mile ride. A bit longer then my 30 mile rides but felt good so we kept riding. I got back to my shop cooked and hungry. So a ate a granola bar of sorts and drank some. I drink and eat while riding as well. I drive home, wash and cook a nice dinner. All normal stuff.
Got into bed around 12am. I woke up maybe around 2am? to a ready to pop pouch so full. So empty that. Now it starts, it seemed like every time I was just getting to sleep it was full again. this went on all night and all morning.

Now this happened once before and it put me in the hospital, so I knew to really get fluid back in me best I could. However Monday was not good. Not only was fluid pouring out of me, now I was sick to my stomach and feverish anytime I'd try to sit up and move. So Monday unless I was in the bathroom I was in bed not moving. I had a banana and threw that up within an hour.
I was getting severe leg cramps in both legs. Felt like someone ringing my muscles out. My sister popped over to make me some soup and check on me.
I should have made the call Monday morning but I did not. (bad move)
I suffered all Monday, all Monday night in pain. By Tuesday morning I was shot. My heart racing, cramps, could hardly get in and out of bathroom.

I had my roommate call for the ambulance. They came and took me to the ER.
I knew once I got an IV I'd be better but....they kept me because my kidney numbers were off. Wanted to make sure that once hydrated the numbers normalized and they did. They checked me for flu and c-dif. All negative.
Belly x-rays to rule out blockages.

So even though I felt better no real answers. They just said you probably caught a 24 bug or something.

My question is this, has anyone here have crazy output like that seemingly out of no where? How the hell does your body dump so much in such a short amount of time? It's like no matter what I did I think I would have needed the hospital to correct that. I just waited a day too long to go.




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