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Reply to "Has anybody gotten hospitalized for Dehydration since getting a J-pouch?"

@strange posted:

 Not necessarily so.
During my bouts of dehydration; Doctors advised, I observe the colour of my urine as an indicator of dehydration, thus a pale colour ideal and to urinate no less than 3 times per day; however, a dark colour urine and urinating less than 3 times per day = dehydration.

However, I urinate often through-out the day and I drink fluids to such and extent that the colour of my urine is clear.

I also consume a home made electrolyte solution 3 times per week;, devised by the WHO and recommended by St Marks Hospital, London, which consist of Salt, Glucose and Bicarbonate Soda mixed with 1 litre of water with a fruit flavouring.

i also ensure to eat food that’ are high in potassium, such as bananas and baked potatoes, although not together.

Sounds like a perfect regimen!

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