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Reply to "Has anybody gotten hospitalized for Dehydration since getting a J-pouch?"

@strange posted:

I’ve only dehydrated when I had the temporary loop ileostomy; in fact I dehydrated twice per month, every month over 6 months; each occasion resulted in emergency admission into Hospital by ambulance for IV fluids 

I also suffered from renal failure, which luckily, was treated in time before lasting kidney damage occurred.

My potassium level was also dangerously low.

I dehydrated to such an extent, as apparently, due to the loop ileostomy, there wasn’t enough small intestine to absorb my fluid intake, despite how much I was drinking.

Since takedown, I’ve had no serious episodes of dehydration, although I do suffer from fatigue, which I believe is either a salt or magnesium deficiency, maybe both rather than actually dehydrating 

Potassium and magnesium are electrolytes- when they are low, you are dehydrated. Might want to try supplements

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