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Reply to "Good news"

Week 2 and on the 1st morning of every class I give my usual speach about the importance of communication, looking out for each other, talking to someone if you need help, not letting anxiety and fear fester until it grows into a huge balloon and expoldes ( we had quite a few students that suffered from anxiety and depression and a couple who went over the edge , literally.) 

One of my new students started shaking and her eyes started leaking, her mouth trembling... I knew immediately. 

At the break she came to see me and at lunchtime I spoke with her for 1.5hrs. GHB laced beer in a pub, in a foreign country, a stranger who smiled too much and her who life slipped into a dark hole.

A victim. We talked about PTSD , getting help, being strong, not allowing the bullies and criminals to win.

She cried. We did yoga breathing together. We jumped up and down to get rid of the nervous energy.

Yes, she is already being followed, was hospitalized and is on meds. But back to school and terrified of feeling isolated and alone. 

I start "group" for girls next week. Just a group where they can talk, share and help each other out.

I love my new job.


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