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Glucose intolerance and Diet


I'm 38 weeks pregnant and have been dealing with glucose intolerance with this pregnancy.  I technically passed the glucose test, however, I have had multiple indicators for GD unfortunately.

I exercise and try eat less sugary stuff.  But the one thing I can't let go is simple carbs.  If I don't eat enough simple carbs, it causes me severe diarrhea with extreme dehydration.  With multigrains, I get bad cases of butt burn or bleeding to the extent where I can't eat for a few days except yogurt and oatmeal and stuff.

Has anybody have similar issues with diet and any advice for me?

I didn't have any of these with my first pregnancy 1.5 year ago, and with this pregnancy, I feel like I have a harder time staying hydrated and more issues with food- could be just glucose related though.

Thanks in advance!

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