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Reply to "Getting depressed about my ongoing anemia"

@RB15 posted:

Thanks for the reply, Scott

Yes glad to finally find out the anemia’s potential source.

The biologic suggestion is interesting, does this mean you think there might be active inflammation / crohn’s type situation going on? Or can biologic’s heal these seemingly isolated ulcers too?

Just to clarify too, i generally do not have any associated urgency or other IBD symptoms.

Pouch has been functioning great during this process, just the occasional blood and of course anemia.


I’ve reread this thread and realize that it could be premature to jump to biologics, since you don’t seem to have pouchitis. You really could use a diagnosis. I might have tried biologics before that extended period of prednisone use you experienced, and they might work, but who knows? Right now you have chronic inflammation that happens to be above the pouch instead of in it. Maybe Cipro would help, and it would be easy to try. Are you still having pain?

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