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Reply to "Getting depressed about my ongoing anemia"

@New577 posted:


I just had my second iron infusion yesterday.

I had very low hemoglobin after my emergency surgery last may. It dropped below 7 three times and received a blood transfusion all three times

july blood work was fine, but October blood work showed hemoglobin down to 7 ish range.

both infusions gave me horrific burning diarrhea, so I feel your depression.

this pouch has been really not functioning so well for 6 months now, yet I soldier on.

I will  not succumb to the alternative.

hoping for better days ahead.

Yes anemia is quite common amongst us pouchers, i just got fed up with having infusions every 5 weeks, and i may have found part of the problem today.

And yes, the infusions are certainly not a cake walk either, i feel like it ravages my body for days.

All the best to you!

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