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Reply to "Getting depressed about my ongoing anemia"

Hi Scott

Yes that all makes sense, the last time i had a conversation with my Haemotologist a few years back about this, he suggested an endoscopy, then my surgeon disagreed with him and they had a bit if back and forth, then i just decided to accept it is J Pouch related and common etc.

So should i be requesting blood tests for the red cell destruction and age etc that you mentioned? Apologies as this kind of stuff is way over my head, and sometimes with doctors in the UK you have to take the lead and initiative.

It’s just so i know what to ask him.

With regards to possible chronic disease, i don’t know where i would start, or what doctor to see, my surgeon is probably my best bet in that respect as GP’s over here have no idea what a J Pouch is.

Thanks again

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