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Reply to "Getting depressed about my ongoing anemia"

Another question i need to ask is - if there is a bleed somewhere higher up the Gi tract, then what treatment(s) are usually given?

I ask this as i forgot to mention that i have been on Prednisone for 3 years now, this was an attempt by my surgeon to try target the abdominal pain (IPS) after Amitriptyline lost it’s effectiveness.

It did actually work very well but i obviosuly couldn’t stay on them long term and i’m now at 5mg and will gradually taper further down over the next year, my abdominal pain has returned since lowering the dose.

Throughout my time on higher doses of the Prednisone it did not improve the iron deficiency, so i was wondering if the potential bleed is from inflammation, would the Prednisone not have temporarily improved this? And i may have seen it keep my iron levels steady?

Just a thought


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