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Reply to "Getting depressed about my ongoing anemia"

Hi Pouch2021

Thanks for the reply

I do respond well to IV infusions everytime, i don’t know what my HB or ferritin levels are at their peak but the pattern is that i have my IV infusion, then 5 weeks later i have my blood taken and the HB is always around the 100 (10) mark give or take, then i have the infusion again.

I don’t really have any other symptoms other than this visceral abdominal pain, which in the last week has responded well to Mebeverine which, as you probably know, is an antispasmodic.

I have accepted this situation for years now, but i’m growing a bit tired of the IV infusions especially as they come around so quickly, so i have put a call into my Haemotologist, he works in the same hospital as my surgeon, so it would seem the obvious thing to do is have a pouchoscopy and endoscopy peformed at the same time under general anasthetic.

Previous pouchocopies have been clear, but i’m yet to go through with checking high up via the endoscopy which might reveal something.

Just an aside - Do you or anyone else reading this know why iron deficiency anemia is so prevelant in us pouchers? My surgeon’s response was along the lines of “it can just happen”


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