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Reply to "Getting depressed about my ongoing anemia"

Thank you everyone for the replies, DrBev, Scott and skn…

ScottF - i will certainly suggest the measures you set out at my next infusion, oh and fyi i’m a 38 year old male, and no i haven’t been checked for occult blood yet.

My surgeon and haemotologist work in the same hospital so know each other quite well, and have conversed with each other about my situation before, i will say that the haemotologist did suggest in the early days i have an endoscopy, and when i relayed this to my surgeon he said there was no need as he has quite a few patients who are iron deficient and believes it is strictly an absorbsion issue.

I must state that my surgeon has been excellent these last 15 years and i do trust him, but between him and the haemotologist there doesn’t seem to be any concerned urgency, it’s more like “we can check your upper GI if you want” kind of attitude.

So i guess back to me, you would think of all the experience and time i have spent in hospital i would breeze through the thought of any procedure, but quite the opposite, i know i should probably book myself in for an endoscopy but i keep putting it off as i hate hospitals and the whole process brings back horrible memories.

I know i will do it eventually, i cant keep putting it off forever, i need to know for sure what’s going on.

Thanks for your reply Sharon too

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