Gastroenteritis and loop ileostomy ?

I had a j pouch created during June 14 and I'm due for take down within next couple of months, however since surgery I've been admitted to hospital every month due to severe dehydration and acute kidney failure.

Prior to hospital admission, I experience minor stomach spasms which gradually become more severe & nauseating, not necessarily stomach cramps but very uncomfortable.

On one occassion I was vomiting & unable to hold down fluids.

The output of my Stoma is initially diarrhea then eventually pure liquid and I'm emptying very frequent, far more than normal.

I also lose my appetite, although on this occassion I've not been vomiting.

Prior to J pouch surgery, I had an end ileostomy for 9 years and during that time I was drug free and never experienced any flare ups or hospital admissions.

On this occassion, I've bees admitted to two different hospitals, one hospital twice and the diagnosis is Gastroenteritis ?

My intial thought was that I had a blockage but this has been dismissed due to the result of X-ray.

It has been suggested I have probiotics drinks to balance the bacteria in my gut ?

I'm surprised I'm experiencing such difficulties only since the J pouch surgery.

All opinions welcome.
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