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Reply to "Gas, gas, gas"

Thanks for the replies! 

I drink Kefir every morning, and it is very possible that I am suddenly having a problem with lactose I guess. I haven't cut that out yet, but I am trying to cut out one thing at a time so I can try to figure out if one specific food group is causing the problems (tbh, I think it is just the pouch and everything is killing it bc I always seem to feel awful.)

I tried two days without the lomotil...and instantly regretted it. Not so bad at first, and I don't even think I really need it so much for slowing things down...the problem is that the butt burn got a thousand times worse without the Lomotil. I wasn't going much more often, so I can only assume it somehow helps with acidity to take it as well. My entire uh, canal opening, is red and raw--I have a prescription Lidocaine ointment that is helping and I also use vaseline. 

I haven't tried Gas x or Beano yet, but I will! I may try OTC omperozale, for the butt burn too, and I ordered digestive enzymes to try out on the gas as well. I eat two packs of the metamucil fiber thins/day. But I haven't noticed a difference there either. And I've started eating a banana for breakfast (I really hate bananas, so blech) but it does seem to help a bit. 

I made a beef/veggie stew, thinking that cooking the veggies down really soft would help me, but I'm still having horrible issues with it. Is that normal? Shouldn't cooked veggies be easy to digest? How am I supposed to get nutrients into my diet at all?

I am off sugar now, so no sweets or sodas or anything like that. I may be a little less gassy? But not significantly less. I'll probably start "no carb" stuff today and see if that helps. If there is no significant benefit, then I'll try cutting lactose.

I also bought Pepto Bismol and just started that today, a dose in the morning and in the evening, as I read that it has helped people with gas. Maybe I am doing too much at once, but I really want to feel okay. It doesn't have to be perfect yet, but I am very sick of being sick and unable to enjoy things.

Is this normal? Did all of you deal with this right after takedown? Or should I be worried?

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