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Reply to "Gas, gas, gas"

Thanks for the advice Little Rain!

Well, I've taken only two doses of the Flagyl (it is a 3 pills/day prescription for 10 days) and as of right now, I feel 100% better. I had some grilled chicken alfredo w/ pasta and bread for dinner with cheese. Some stomach sounds, but zero gas, no cramping, nada. I don't want to call it too soon, so I'm going to wait a day or so before I celebrate, but I feel sooo much better. I did also start digestive enzymes today, but I only started feeling better about an hour after my second dose of the Flagyl, so I'm pretty sure (fingers crossed, it isn't a fluke) most of my symptoms were from the dreaded pouchitis. I can't believe I developed it so soon...I'm only about a month out from takedown and the first two weeks were not bad (not perfect, but not bad), but I must have started developing symptoms of pouchitis around week three and not realized it. 

The past two weeks were hell. The gas exploded to the nth degree. And then night before last with the UC-like urgency and fever, being unable to sleep...still having some symptoms even without eating solid food...

I'm a bit worried that the suddenness of the pouchitis means I'll have chronic pouchitis. But I am very pleased that that horrible two week span wasn't my "new normal" after all. 

I didn't expect roses and rainbows, but I knew that something wasn't right. I felt too bad for it to be normal. Thanks to all who replied! I'll update with scope findings just in case, and (if any other new pouchers are reading this and have similar symptoms) I urge you to go to your doc and ask about pouchitis. 

All just stands to remind me that we know our bodies better than anyone else does, and we usually can tell when something is wrong. 


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