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Gas, gas, gas

Hi all,

You guys have been so helpful through this whole thing, so I've got another question for you. I'm a month out from takedown. 4 weeks...and I'm actually doing pretty well (with no diet restrictions, except NO UNCOOKED/UNBLENDED VEGGIES...2 bowls of salad made me very sick for about 24 hours) and I take lomotil every time I eat and before bed. 

The problem is that the gas is terrible. So, so bad. Painful cramps, always related to gas. I can hardly pass it on the toliet, but it is difficult to pass any other way. And I literally have awful gas all day, every day. It makes me go to the bathroom more and gives me butt burn, so I'm willing to do about anything to stop it. But the problem is that I dont know what is causing it. 

I never had diet restrictions with UC. I could eat spicy food without problems, sweets, carbs, milk products, whatever (except for nuts and intense fiber.) Does having a J-pouch mean I have new things I can't digest? My doctors said I could eat anything...but I can't stand the gas.

I'm worried it is pouchitis (because it is constant.) Is it too early to have pouchitis or is it something I should ask my doctors to check for? Or is this normal for 1 month post takedown? If it isn't pouchitis or normal...what is the cause? And what can I take to help?

I drink a probiotic every day, but I can't figure out diet. It seems to me that everything I eat causes it, with the exception of soups and smoothies. I can kind of see a correlation b/w spicy foods and worse gas, and sweets and worse gas. But the gas is there 24/7 all the time anyway. I think it could be related to carbs, but carbs (and proteins/meats) are the only things I CAN eat right now. The only "ok" foods that don't cause my frequency to speed up are starches, meats, and carbs. 

I'm feeling very frustrated. I know if I could get a handle on this, I'd feel great. But I don't know what is normal, and I was told I'd be able to eat what I wanted at some point...not that I'd be back on my UC flare diet....of only liquids for the rest of my life. I would rather take something/medication/ than cut carbs out of my diet (though I could give up sweets and spices for now, if need be.) I'm going to try Pepto Bismol, as I've heard it helps. Should I try something else? Is there no way around diet changes? Whatever info you guys have, I'd appreciate. Help! 

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