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Reply to "Gas & constipation"

@rrip posted:

Yes we're still friends. He feels so bad about it already so I can't be too upset with him. He's afraid I'm going to sue him and I have no such intentions. He's 25 years younger than me and his dad told me he was on the verge of tears the next day over it, so I called him today and told him to stop worrying about it. I saw my doctor today and he showed me the x rays and I can't believe what I saw. I've made it all of my life (56 years) without a broken bone and now have 9 broken bones and each one is broken in at least 2 places. The collar bone is snapped in 3 pieces.  The irony is I retired from 33 years at Boeing about 4 hours before this happened and avoided serious injuries for all of that time.

That is soo nice that you two are still friends And its very generous of you to not sue him either. You really are a true friend

AND DANG!!!!! 9 broken bones????!!!??!!! @#$%! I hope you heal up from everything, I cannot imagine! You must be in soo much pain! 

Its amazing that you never had any serious injuries from boeing! That is impressive!

I am glad your organs are okay, at least those are fine including the J-pouch! Thank goodness the Oatmeal is doing fine for your constipation too, I would hate for you to have constipation pain along with the pain you are already in!

Is the pain getting better each day???

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