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Reply to "Functional pouch obstruction/catheter emptying"

@duck11 posted:

Thanks for the reply Scott.

they didn’t give me any water to put in it at all, just said to insert the catheter c. 2” and it should come out. I even tried a bit deeper and also tried leaving it for 30 mins. Honestly none of the nurses here are familiar with it, and the colorectal surgeon was all “it will work it you just put it in 2”. Maybe there is more to it than that?

Hmm, I don't wish to contradict your surgeon, but when I tried catheterisation my surgeon and a continence nurse both advised using a small amount of lukewarm water.

So: Place catheter. Inject smallish amount of water (20ml). Try to release through catheter. Inject a little more water if needed or if catheter clogs.

Gotta say, the catheter did not work for me in terms of emptying the pouch. It clogged up as soon as any small piece of food hit it. I ended up just using it to get the water in, holding that for a little while, then removing the catheter and releasing the water + stool into the toilet.

However, I have read quite a few posts from people who found it worked, so don't be discouraged yet. It can take a while to find a routine that works.

If there's a continence nurse or specialist available, they are pretty good for brainstorming strategies with, even if they don't know this exact technique.

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