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Reply to "Frustrated and scared to have total proctocoletomy"

Hi Brenda, 

Well, you are over the rainbow...on the other side...And things look and feel sweet again.

Take your time, get strong, focus on eating healthily, add some supplements and get strong.

The next surgery is a breeze compared to the last one but it will bring its own set of challenges.

Dealing with a brand new baby pouch is sometimes a walk in the park for some (you have about a 1 month learning curve where you and your pouch speak totally different languages, have no idea what it plans to do next and basically, acts like a newborn with colic)...after that you start to see patterns.

Food diaries, mood diaries, intake and output diaries (or just one that charts them all) will help you to learn what works and what doesn't...only to find out that what worked yesterday may not work today. (sound like a 6month old again?)

Do not fear, do not get discouraged. The surgery is worth it. 

Talk to your kids. Explain what is going on. Use words and expressions that they can understand...Include them in your healing process. Make them draw pictures of what they think about mommy's new friend. 

Do not fear the change, embrace it. You are a very courageous lady...I trust that you will do great.



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