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Reply to "fruits and vegetables"

cant comment on sweet potatoes, i do eat potatoes, but in very small amts, never been a fan/liked sweet potatoes so avoid those. its an individual process. I find eating various sorts of nuts and( i buy  the mixed variety) tolerable. I have a diagnosis of pouchitis and irritable bowel with diarrhea and while i am still having some frequency issues and urges, the xifaxin antibiotic my gastro has me on, the 550 mg 3 x a day is helping me in the frequency dept and probaboy working on the bacteria.

zuccini should be fine steamed or gently stir fried/sauteed, dont se ean issue with steamed vegetables or grilled much, i like either/both.

my pouch is 19 since passing october 15th this year, and i dont have a proctocolectomy/total colectomy but do have a sub-total colectomy with a jpouch higher upstream at the top of the sigmoid colon/rectal area not inside the anus like most jpouchers.

im doing well, and the frequency and diarrhea dont stop me form  moving along and forward and living life.

the fruits i eat are blueberries (sometimes they come out, looking like they  are before consumption/prior to  eating, whole/pieces in the toilet water mixed with my stool, same as corn will/does.  other fruits i eat and like are an apple a day red or yellow w/ skin on and or a nectarine or peach. dont notice an increase in frequency from either of those.  i keep all those fruits in my refridgerator on a reg basis too so i have them.

i wont let a food i like stop me from consuming it, the pouch is a small part of me and i wont and dont let it run my life

best wishes


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