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Reply to "Friend went from BCIR to Kpouch"

I agree with Bodoni,
They are fundamentally alike...the BCIR is just a modified K pouch with a slightly different valve but both have their advantages and quirks...they both have continent valves that are their weakest link being that by nature they are fragile but a lot of K pouch surgeons are now wrapping a piece of the small intestine around the base of the valve to give it more stability.
There are k pouchers on this site that have had their pouches, without problem, for over 30 years while others like me have had to have fixes for various problems.
Not an advocate for one over the other...My criteria is if the center is closer to home for follow-up, the surgeon has a team that can treat you if you need help and a good attitude towards patients.
The rest is a question of Pepsi vers Coke.
And of course whatever your insurance will cover.
Good luck
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