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Reply to "Feeling hopeless"

Thanks, Bil, for the cheering section (it does a girl good to hear that she has done good!) and for the stuck!...

Today is student garden party day at my place, I have invited over 20 for homemade cakes and pastries...yes, I bake for my students. I will cook for them too and make a spread to light up their eyes. 

My joints hurt, my back aches & my pouch is gassy and quite honestly, I would love to stay on the sofa and series-binge but I cannot today because joy is coming over. 

Doesn't matter what I am feeling (I am hooked up to 2 sets of electronic TENS pads on  1 of my broken arms and knee)...because my kids are coming over...

They used to call it mind over matter, focusing your energy...I do not care about titles...just helping others so I can forget pain will still be here later but the kids, for now, I am going to empty my pouch, take something for pain and get my poor rear in gear and bake my little hear out.

Because this life, no matter what, is worth fighting for...if you can see the bigger picture beyond the pain, anguish, disappointment, frustration, anger, and meds.


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