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Reply to "Feeling hopeless"

LauraLee posted:


I can’t remember the last I posted something but it was long time ago. Maybe over a year,  full of all kinds of issues with my JPouch.  I’m just feel hopeless, lost, discouraged and too sad and depressed to keep fighting.  I really need advice.  I faced UC since I was 21 years old, and after 22 years of multiple issues, suffering and sadness, I got my JPouch surgery done in 3 phases, thinking it will be the end of that horrific chapter in my life.  But another horrific chapter opened then.  After 4 years with my JPouch and lost of Pouchitis, 1 huge Obstruction, C.Diff, H. Pylori, chronic depression and stress, today I just found out I also have Crohn’s.  I don’t know if anybody went through something similar but at this point I’m ready just to give up.  Does anybody knows how can a person with a JPouch can deal with this? Any words, opinions or advises will be appreciated and so much needed.

Thank you in advance,


Hello Laura,

Just wanted to ask how you are going. I too feel like giving up sometimes – I guess for me that would mean staying on the couch in my PJs instead of making myself have a shower, put on uncomfortable clothes, and attempt to keep in touch with friends and a world that doesn't seem to have much time or patience for sick people.

Is there a treatment or management plan for Crohn's? It must feel like being kicked when you are down to have this on top of UC and problem j-pouch.

I hear you about the stress. I am overwhelmed by it a lot of the time. The things that relieved stress for me – socialising, cooking, exercising – are now sources of stress. Ironic, I suppose.

Do post again as you can.


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