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Feeling full, acid reflux, followed by vomiting

I have recently experienced episodes of acid reflux with bloating.  I find around this time, I get full fast whether is be from food or liquids.  It can be slightly uncomfortable especially when trying to sleep.  At this time, changing sleeping positions can bring on a quick run to the restroom where I projectile vomit.  

I called the doctors office after my first episode and was recommended that I start Cefdinir.  Doctor on call suspected  pouchitis, doubting it was a blockage as I wondered...

I do have pouchitis and am prescribed to take one every other day until a scope in December.  I know little about it but wonder if I'm antibiotic dependent... I've experienced some days of diarrhea on the days in between doses...

I have now experienced 3 episodes that led to vomiting.  I think this is something other that pouchitis- can anyone relate?

As always- thank you!  I appreciate this resource!


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