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Reply to "everyone list best trick to enter full/tight pouch"


Thank you for the info, I do use a.m. patch but, must also use additional, and it is only useful for short times, but I will call them and ask about a more absorbent one. Hopefully my insurance will agree to it. Seems we will have to work forever to cover all this🤨

Also, I have very slow motility issues and have had 2 prior Jpouchs , not lots left to digest with. I have been told to keep increasing liquids and like you said, that is when I can count on a huge amount seeping out.Kind of a darned if you do darned if you don’t.

I am having some testing done in the next few days , maybe they can come up with an answer.

My Surgeon is on the list, but I think you are correct, it’s not always obvious that there is an issue and sometimes things are what they are.

Also what sort of prep can you do for testing like a barium type test? My output is almost always way too thick now.

I sincerely appreciate your help and everyone’s.

Dr Kiran was a lose for CLE and a gain for NYC for sure.




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