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Reply to "everyone list best trick to enter full/tight pouch"

Thank you very much, SHIM2000. This is scary and true and worth posting to any other pouch groups anybody knows of.

I too am hearing about surgeons who claim to be able to have extensive experience with building and repairing pouches. They say they're able to do revisions but in fact their game is to REMOVE your pouch — they can claim it was too diseased to save and you'd have a hard time proving otherwise — and they collect a big fat surgical fee without any risk of malpractice. This group includes several prominent surgeons who were trained by the late Victor Fazio at the Cleveland Clinic — Dr Fazio perfected the Kock pouch procedure and remains one of the most revered colorectal surgeons in the world, so its horrifying that his own protégés — among others  — would lie to us and destroy our pouches.

Dr Feza Remzi and Dr Jeffery Milsom, two Fazio-trained surgeons who became heads of colorectal surgery departments at NYU and Weill Cornell respectively, are apparently in this category — I've known Dr Milsom for 15 years; he stopped building K-pouches a long time ago and my recent experience with him indicates that he is an out-and-out liar and is not to be trusted in any way, shape or form. Dr Remzi is also not building pouches, and if he can't build them, he isn't capable of repairing them.

Dr Kiran was also trained by Vic Fazio and will perform my valve-fix surgery on October 3rd; he is the head of colorectal surgery at NewYork-Presbyterian /Columbiaworks and has a whole department under him, including  Dr. Daniel Feingold, who may also build and fix pouches — they are at (212) 342-1155‬. I will post a report as soon as I can after surgery.

Dr Bauer is still practicing as of August 2018 but has left Manhattan Surgical Associates and is now at (646) 952-9898.

Dr Daniel Popowich, one of Dr Bauer's ex-partners at Manhattan Surgical Associates, lied to me about having built and fixed pouches. Avoid him.

I agree with SHIM2000's advice to ask the surgeon you're considering for the phone numbers of SEVERAL patients whose pouches he's RECENTLY built and/or repaired. Tell this prospective surgeon what you've read here and if he won't provide references from patients, walk out the door.

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