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Reply to "everyone list best trick to enter full/tight pouch"

Good morning 

SLDRX please explain leaking.  I have constant leakage of some sort , even with heavy thick coverage of waterproof a patch,  my clothes get soaking wet. Usually clear, but with a bit of actual stool.

Just had scope 2 weeks ago and Dr said valve looked good. 

I have a very  difficult time with intubation many times a day,have to lie down a lot.Dr says it’s easy when he does it, if course I am lying on the table and the scope is thin.

I am 13 months with K

Please let us know how you are doing and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.Where will you be having your surgery, if you don’t mind sharing?

Also Shavon , how are you doing?

So happy to have some connections with all you out there. Thank you!!

I am happy for my life and very much appreciate the Drs who do this surgery, they are our lifeline. We owe so much to them.

You all have a great day today



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