entyvio or stay on rotating antibiotics?

Sorry i diD not read ever other thread before i posted about this new find entyvio..but it seems you are all way ahed of me.

Throwing out this question for all my long term pochitis co sufferers.

At present (ABOUT 2 YEARS OR SO NOW) my rotating 4 antibiotics has worked and given me a life again..Igo 30 days on each antibiotic and just switch at that point.Doing this i seem to avoid any major pain and discomfort.It almost makes me feel normal again. BUT MY ENT  doctor is very concerned about me for future .He says in his experience people on continual antibiotics will run into serious situations in future.

So my question to you if you were me would you stick to what i am doing and enjoy the good days or try to switch and try entyvio.I have no side effects from antibiotics i am taking that i know of but i am in my 70`s ( a young 70 lol)and i think i might hit that wall with say a sinusitis  issue which i am prone to or some other bacterial infection that will resist treatment.


I am really torn as to what to do...Mind you i have no idea if vytyvio will even work or as well.Right now i have sinusitis and ent doctor gave me something to put in nose and we are hoping its viral not a bacteria i am resisting..because i am using the drugs like levequin,augmented.Thats what brought this to the forefront for me..


thanks for any feedback..




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