Reply to "endometriosis or pouch"

Hi Duck,

So sorry for all of the pain...

My situation was a bit different and a long time ago plus I have a k pouch...but...I started having intense pelvic pain on the right side...first they thought endo, then they found cysts around the right ovary and inflammation in the tube (salpangitis), after a HSG (hyst√©rographie ) they put me on massive doses of antibiotics  but ended up operating (open surgery )... my pouch sits on the abdominal wall so I was terrified. 

The surgeon did a fantastic job (general surgeon with my obs/gyn in the o.r.) and cleaned up a big mess of infection, cysts, adhesions etc and even 'opacified' my tube hoping for it to heal up normally for fertility reasons. 

They put me on progesterone for 3 years to allow the region to heal and prevent never came back.

You need to speak openly to them about your fears, have your C/R surgeon present and ready to dive in if needed.

Good luck and I hope that they get this all straitened  out for you.



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