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Reply to "Electrolytes, anemia-help"

Your pouch is just a little bitty baby pouch...mine is a great-grandma pouch...had it for almost 33yrs so it has taken over a lot of the functions that I had lost in my colectomy...I absorb more liquids than you do and I seem to absorb calories like I had 2 colons Frowner!!! But I do chew a lot, especially raisins...I eat them one at a time and chew well...I eat tons of nuts (nuts! I wish I didn't...oh, the calories!)...but I have my tricks down pat...seasalt over regular and pure over refined...I usually do everything non refined like sugar, flour, salt, milk, oil etc...I buy basics and make everything myself...homemade has less fat, sugar and salt plus I have full control over what goes into my body...very important when you are pouching...gallons of my homemade can use fake sugar if you are calorie shy, I like stevia and other similar products.
I also have a hand blender that is as close as I can get to nirvana Big Grin All overripe fruit gets thrown together with tons of crushed me all of my vitamins plus I blend for color...dark purple is best...full of polyphenols, iron, anti-oxidants etc...reds & orange? usually good for summer and protecting skin, dark green is vit Bs and Iron...I would love to cook for you, it is my favorite sport!
I do the same with veggies...I steam everything till soft and then drink the water first or keep it in the fridge and drink it througout the day for a quick fix of mineral salts...very good if you tend to swell too...cleans the kindeys out very well...I blend leftover veggies and eat like mashed potatoes with a bit of butter and melted cheese (goat is best)...
You will figure it out as you go...
Just play with it all and have fun doing will keep you healthy.
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