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Reply to "Electrolytes, anemia-help"

So sorry Art Mom that your daughter is going through all of this...Anemia and electrolytes are a very slippery slope is us pouchers...we have to be permanently vigilant and use preventative measures...once we are dehydrated it is too late!
Dehydration is not just water but all of the goodies that are contained in blood, sweat and tears...meaning mineral salts.
Can she keep a pitcher of a couple of squeezed lemons, mint leaves, fennel root if she likes it, water and a bit of honey in the fridge at all times...I squeeze 2 lemons, throw in the honey and everything else and add water then drink it all day can add a 1/8th tsp salt to the mix, perferably sea salts....change all of the elements every 24-48hrs...helps a lot with the dehydration.
Next, when she salts her food, do not use regular salt but all natural grey sea salt...more trace minerals in it.
Next, if she likes sea food, then oysters, clams, and very slightly cooked shell fish and shrimp etc help a does coconut milk or coconut water.
Dried fruits and nuts have a lot of trace minerals in them including iron...Eat them unsweetened. Dark rasins are good too...if she likes she can cut up an apple and put it in the microwave for 2-4mins with a handful of dark raisins, some honey and vanilla and then serve it with some chopped, salted nuts...makes a really good snack.
I also cook a lot of compotes with dried and fresh fruits, brown sugar or honey, cinnamon and a few grains of sea salt and keep a large potful in the contains tons of mineral salts, vitamins and is very easy on the pouch...apples and pears work best with apricots and raisins...
Dates, figs, pistachios and almonds are excellent too and if she isn't crazy about them then put them in a blender with some brown sugar and sea salt...makes great snack bars...drink a large glass of the lemonaide and she is good for 4-5hrs.
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