Reply to "Elective surgery??"

Mysticobra posted:

Mine was certainly elective. 

Yes I had flares. Remicade along with everything else quit working. I was so exhausted after an eight hour shift I collapsed in the bed after work most nights. 

And being a man prostate cancer was a possibility being that my uc was right at the end of my colon and I had had it so long. Hard to believe my uc affected such a small part and caused so many problems. But it did. 

So in my mind I elected to have the surgery to avoid cancer first and get rid of the uc that was making me so sick. 

In my case it was elective. Although I mentally and physically couldn't go on with it much longer had I not had the surgery. 


Thanks for your reply, yes the prospect of cancer is so scary which is one of the big reasons why I want surgery. A lot of my UC is at the “end” as well...causes so much problems! I feel like you did, don’t think I can continue on like this. It’s just the same thing over and over again for past 17 years. Im tired of it. I don’t work, but stay home with my 2 young children and I’m just exhausted all the time. 

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