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Reply to "Do you all like to use wipes after pooping"

@CTBarrister posted:

Strange, I believe that's also generally true and the standard of care in the US, except in cases where there is chronic inflammation, or where dysplasia was evidenced in the colon when it was removed.  I have been told consistently for the past 30 years that persons in either of these risk groups should have annual pouchoscopies.  I happen to fall into both risk groups- my colon was found to have dysplasia when it was removed, and I have chronic inflammation in my J Pouch and in my neoterminal ileum.  Therefore, my Pouch has been scoped every single year since 1992.

Yeah, please excuse my ignorance.
   St Marks does recommend regular rectal examination, either pouchoscopies or otherwise, when a patients biopsies or Pathology Report has identified abnormal cells (dysplasia) or when patients have received a J pouch after treatment for Cancer.

 My blinkered view forget to consider other reasons why a person would have their bowel removed and a J pouch created.

My reference in regard to Pouchoscopies not being necessary, was the advice given to patients like myself, whose had their bowel removed as a result of Ulcerative Colitis and their biopsies and Pathology Reports have not identifIed dysplasia.

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