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Reply to "Do you all like to use wipes after pooping"

@Scott F posted:

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the recommendation of our trusted doctor is correct and universal. More often, though, it’s simply one satisfactory way to proceed, given the available knowledge, no better or worse than some others. Sometimes it’s specific to our personal circumstances, but not presented to us as such, and we internalize the knowledge as though it were general knowledge. These exaggerated beliefs only become a problem when we treat them as reliable advice suitable for others.

Our individual experiences reported here are enormously valuable for others to read. They open up new possibilities when folks really need some options to consider. I do recommend as much humility as we can muster, though. None of us can know for sure what’s right for someone at the far end of a broadband connection.

So, what are you saying...... you know better than the eminent Surgeons and Specialist at St Marks Hospital, cos your response appears to be pooh-poohing the advice I’ve been given. 

I placed my trust in the Specialist Surgeons at St Marks, who delivered and provided me with a complication free J pouch; although now, I’m to ignore their knowledge and expertise.

Maybe the insistence by US physicians to perform yearly  pouchoscopies is driven by greed under the guise of patient care.

The majority of the first world population don’t have regular colonoscopies as a precaution and would only be directed to such a procedure when symptoms arise which warrant further investigation.

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