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Reply to "Do you all like to use wipes after pooping"

Yeah, even though I endure bouts of fatigue and a disturbed sleep pattern; life with a J pouch is absolutely wonderful.

100 trillion times better; especially as I don’t need to carry supplies, have to empty my bag every two hours or be changIng my appliance every few days.

In fact, I’ve not been into a disabled or public Toilet for years, it’s so long ago, I can’t even remember.

Although, more importantly, I don’t have a bag hanging from my abdomen and I can sit around in my boxer shorts without worrying whether the bag can be seen, even though I’m all alone.

Also, I can look at my self in a full length mirror, whilst wearing just my skin tight boxer shorts, without the top of the bag staring right back at me.

Yeah, when I had the stoma; every three years, I had to have what is called a sigmoidoscopy, to check my back passage (so to speak) for Cancer, inflammation and signs of Colitis (Proctitis)

During the 9½ years; I didn’t have a pouch; my large bowel (Colon) had been removed and an end ileostomy was created.

I only had my pouch created during 2014 as part of my J pouch surgery.

My takedown was during 2015 and since 2016, I’ve been discharged from the care of the Hospital that created my J pouch: and they believe, pouchoscopies aren’t necessary, until symptoms arise which warrant further investigation.

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