Reply to "Do probiotics really prevent pouchitis?"

I had constant pouchitis in the beginning due to antibiotics they gave me for an infection I got in the hospital. When I figured out it was an imbalance of gut flora, I started eating yogurt a few times a day and it finally cleared up once and for all. 

If I don't eat yogurt for awhile I can feel it trying to come back. I make my own, fermenting it for 24 hours, so sometimes I just don't have time to make it.

If I eat one serving a day now it keeps the pouchitis totally at bay. 

There used to be a gastro doc online who would answer questions for free. Very cool doctor who would get back to you pretty quickly.

He said it was best to get the probiotics from yogurt. Much less expensive too!

Many people don't care for yogurt, but they love it when they try mine. I ferment it for 24 hours, let it cool until the next day, then mix it with fruit and honey.

Sugar feeds the gut bacteria so store bought can hurt you there. But there is something about honey that doesn't feed the bacteria in your gut. Also, if you normally can't tolerate dairy, fermenting the yogurt for 24 hours uses up the lactic acid in the milk, making it tolerable to digest. 





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