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Reply to "diet and supplements"

My GI put me on a Low Residue/Low Fiber Diet. Do I follow it all? No, not really. I have a sweet tooth too. Salt, is something I also use a lot of.

Foods that I have to avoide are raw vegtables and raw fruit except watermelon. Bananas I cannot eat either because then my gut feels like I swallowed a cannon ball.

I also take Potassium pills because of my blood test show I am very low on that and Electrolytes. I drink Powerade Zero which has zero calories and has Potassium and Electrolytes. I was drinking Gatorade but that even hurt my gut and does have calories.

I do not drink soda unless I am nauseous which I am right now. Beer, never because that also feels like a dead weight in my stomach. I like Red Wine and that does not bother me at all.

I love pasta and many Italian dishes (I am Italian). But I cannot have any milk products at all with the exception of grated cheese. So I cannot have ice cream, dishes like Stuffed Shells, Pizza and so forth.

When I have a craving for Pizza, I will ususally remove half of the cheese off of it, but only when I am feeling better, not with Pouchitis or things like that. I have Rice Milk and that comes and they have Rice Dream Ice Cream.

I suppose I could do better with my diet, but cookies are a huge craving. Again, I only buy them if they do not contain any milk or whey prodcuts and get them at the health food store.

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