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I have litterally had a dozen k pouch revisions and valve revisions although they have never rebuilt the k pouch itself they have excised the original valve and totally rebuilt it by flipping the pouch over and using the affernt limb (the incoming intestine) to build a new, living colar onto my valve...a double modification of the k pouch original valve.
It is very different than the original and I can litterally feel the difference.
I may not like it as much but if it lives longer, works better and gives me good function then who cares????
I am going in to have another pouch surgery (not inside the pouch) to put it back onto the wall (it slipped off again)...other than that, my pouch is fine. (I hope)
You must choose whatever solution is the best for you vis-a-vis your geography, your insurance and your life...both operations are good, both methods work is all up to your surgeon of choice and your biology what the outcome will bring.
Some people have 1 surgery and off they go to live their lives for 30+ yrs without any blips on the radar...others have problems sooner or talk to both the surgeon and the patients. Don't judge the surgery by the clinic's hotel services. I have found over the years that just because the room is pretty or comfortable does not make the surgery a success.
Good luck no matter what you choose.
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