Reply to "Death?"


My heart goes out to you, I feel so very sad for you and hope the return of your Dr. has helped?

Trying not to be negative, but, sometimes it doesn’t matter what we eat or even if we can not eat almost anything, it won’t work.You probably have tried everything possible.

Drs. Can’t do it all and I believe they just give up if they can’t help us. Even the best of them.Try as the may.

My prayer for you is that you have loved ones around you that haven’t given up on you and will stick by and be with you through this crisis. Feeling alone is so awful, even talking to an understanding stranger can help you. I’ve had cleaning personnel in hospital that were lifesavers to me.

Please folks, sometimes we just need someone to hug us , not say You got this.Just some empathy and being there🤗❤️

Sending you love Eric




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