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Reply to "Death, dying, mourning...getting closure"

Thanks guys,
My best friend is the one whose couch I lived on for 8 months during my 5 surgeries, her hubby handed me his gold card and told me not to tell him what they cost...she paid for my surgeon to fly over here and operate...we have known eachother for 41yrs, introduced by her mom...she held my hand & head during more surgeries than I can count, gave me love, hope and restored my dreams when all was lost...flew over and tag-teamed with my Canadian surgeon when he did the emergency surgery here...I would not be alive without her...
She is a kind and generous soul...her mom was a challenge, like mine, and we suffered equally with them but she honoured her and cried her soul out that day...I honoured her for giving life to my best friend and my mom for mine.
I have seen her scream at my surgeon (they are both barely 5 feet tall) and nag him about my suture lines threaten him if her dared to remove my pouch...I was blessed the day she was born.
I have cried a lot this last week...this last year really. It is time to start a new year and a new, healthier life...hopefully without all the pain...
Thank you guys, for being there for me
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