Reply to "Daughter with chronic diarrhea"

I no longer do is sort of like one-size-fits-all clothing...they really fit no one or a very small part of the population...for everyone else, they are either too big or too small.

I get my liquid B's from GNC or Vitamin World...they are tiny little bottles with eye droppers, 1 squirt under the tongue 1xs/Day gives me all of my B's.

I get huge bottles of Calcium with mag/zinc/vit D from Costco (2xs/day at night before bed)...that gives me my baseline but because I have a healing problem I take extra prescription D in ampule form...

Iron is a tiny little iron pill from GNC...I have seen the difference and it is practically miraculous...maybe because I do empty so often or because of all of the bowel resections I do not absorb as I should or just age or menopause...doesn't matter why...but things just don't seem to stick around (except for calories!!!)...

I also take fish oil. 2 huge capsules/day with meals (avoid mornings or she will burp fishoil all day!) it improving my joints? Not sure, that could be the physio but either way, I am better.

I don't think that it is a one-size miracle but whatever it is, I found a key...I am losing weight thanks to the fact that I am upping my protein, doing more exercise (thanks to the increased energy) and working brain fog is lifting too...

My GP agrees that our case is special and that we have different needs than 'normally plumbed' she allows me to play with my supplements and agrees that they are in fact helping me.

Don't fix what's not broken but when it is you need to play around until you find the remedy.

The other thing that I do do is eat Greek yoghurt daily especially at work (I am too lazy to go out for lunch with everyone else and too cheap to buy it daily). I take in 2 plain Greek yoghurts, 1 fruity type, a banana, some whole grain crackers and I graze throughout the day. It gives me just enough to survive and not so much that my pouch is trouble...but the yoghurt really helps my output stay stable.

She might try and see if it helps her too.



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