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It does appear that this thread is becoming a little misconstrued.

    My experience since surgery, whether after the initial removal of my bowel during 2005 and then the forming of my J pouch during 2014 have been tremendous successes.

However, prior to my diagnosis of UC and the eventual removal of my bowel; I struggled during flare ups, although not severe enough to warrant Hospital admission, they would last for months.

  During my initial flare up which lead to my diagnosis, I worked a 12 hour night shift, all by myself, so I was able to rush to the toilet as often as needed. 

During my next flare up some 5 years later, I was running my own business and although I called the shots, it was difficult; I would take longer than normal to complete tasks and not realise I was slowing, plus the many interruptions to use the toilet didn't help either, packing away all my tools to find a toilet in a McDonald's or similar establishment, this alone could take 45 minutes to a hour; if employed, I would of been fired.

Eventually, I was admitted into hospital and although I recovered sufficiently to leave hospital, I was still very ill, yet I persevered but my business eventually failed and so did my relationship.

This flare up took 4 years to completely recover from and I had to revert to the lone 12 hour night shifts for employment and yeah, if my employer knew I was ill and would be using the toilet 8, 9 or 10 times during a shift, they would of probably have never employed me.

At the time, the option to remove my bowel was put forward, but there was no mention of reconnection or a J pouch, just Colostomy Bag; and at 27 years of age, that was the last thing I wanted.

Therefore, I persevered and I only sought employment where I would be working by myself, which meant a night shift and luckily, without any interaction with anyone else, thus I could vomit whenever I needed to and as often as I needed to and use the toilet as often as needed and without anyone around to notice or question.

Athough it was impossible to gain normal day shift employment within my preferred industry; foolishly, I still never considered myself as disabled.

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