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Reply to "Cured? No. Disabled? I think so."

strange posted:

POUCHBRO, it's not that anyone disagrees with you, nor do I believe anyone wished to offend you.

I guess it's how we feel due to the success of our surgery.

You asked whether we see the removal of the bowel as a cure; well for myself, it was and initially, I foolishly refused such surgery because I didn't want a colostomy bag.

However, 6 years later, I had no choice but have emergency surgery and an end ileostomy was created.

Once I'd come to terms with the ileostomy, I realised I'd actually got my life back; yeah it was an inconvenience changing the bags, carry supplies and I hated the bag hanging from my abdomen but it changed my life for the better; it was a new lease of life, which I could of been enjoying 6 years earlier, if I didn't have such a hang up over the thought of a Colostomy Bag.  

During my 9½ with the Colostomy Bag, other than the odd issue with supplies, the appliance and leakage, I never experienced any medical issues or complications; I lead, to an extent, a perfectly normal life.

Since my takedown, other than issues regarding fatigue, my life with a J pouch couldn't be better and it's for this, why I don't see myself as disabled.

My BMs, are on average, 3 to maybe 4 per day, never less than 2,  with several hours between BMs; even with the ileostomy, changing the bag every 2 to 3 hours was an inconvenience but easy to overcome, because I had to.

Those of us who have undergone success bowel surgery are more likely proud of what's been acheived and how we've managed to overcome adversity; so much so, we want to shout it from the roof tops, not to belittle those less fortunate but to inspire those who are considering J pouch surgery.

Well said. Thank you..

And I do apologize if I offended anyone. 

I don't handle the power of words well.  I get too brash at time. I apologize.


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