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Reply to "Cuffitis maybe ? & traveling not near my drs"

@sofi posted:

Hello! thanks for the reply.
As a matter of fact I had to take some NSAIDS around those days that that happened, I avoid them but I couldn't, I had a migraine, you think it could be related?

I wasn't drinking alcohol during those days, which is funny because I have many days in the past and I was fine.

I did eat lots of greek yogurt and water and things got better. The bleeding was only on a couple of bathroom trips and never again.

I kinda slipped out of the diet during the weekend but I will try and take it easy this week also and stay with the recommendations

You are welcome my dear! And yeah definitely! NSAIDS can cause pouchitis unfortunately and it can irritate the pouch. Many doctors recommend we do not take it as a J-poucher. I take it anyway (OOPS LOL) NSAIDS are the only thing that works for my period cramps unfortunately. I know I need to look at other options though. In the past when I took NSAIDS, it made my pouch bleed a lot too. I take NSAIDS with a meal now or with food and I have not seen any blood since I have been doing that. I would still recommend not to take NSAIDS though.

I am glad you were not drinking! I am happy you had lots of Greek Yogurt too, I eat that everyday without fail, that is good for IBD folks! Its on sale for Buy One Get One Free at Publix  until Thursday

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