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Hi GrumpyMama,
I am so sorry for your daughter.
When you have UC (and not Crohns) they often offer a j pouch. They can do it in either 1, 2 or 3 steps depending on the surgeon and on her condition pre surgery.
Basically they remove the sick colon and then with a healthy piece of intestine they sew together a pouch that they attach to a piece of rectum that they retained (usually just a few inches of it).
Most often they divert the small intestine to an outside stoma (a loop ileostomy) until the pouch heals and can be hooked up to the small intestine. This usually is done in 3-9 months but times vary. Some surgeons do it all at once while others like to take their time.
It usually takes the body about a full year to get accustomed to its new plumbing and requires an adaptation period or about 3months where she will learn how her bowels function and what she can and cannot eat while she is healing.
Once healed she can usually have a pretty normal life with some mild dietary restrictions.
When there is a diagnosis of Crohns they often refuse to do the pouch because Crohns engages the small intestine too and can cause further complications with a j pouch.
I hope this helps you
Don't hesitate to ask any other questions that you may have
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