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I have information that should help with financial assistance for people living in Canada in Intestinal Bowel Disease.

Canada has a program called the Disability Tax Credit for which most people suffering IBD are entitled to. For those who do not earn a lot, there are also grants available. There is also a fund for those 49 and younger that you can contribute to to which the government of Canada also matches contributions (although one must wait until 69 before access this money otherwise there are penalties).

In addition, in Canada one can go back 10 and refile the last 10 years worth of tax returns, therefore if you have been living with this disease for longer than 10 years, a sizable amount can be had.

This is a legitimate program from the government of Canada (you can research it) and has nothing to do with one's ability to work (e.g. people in a wheel chair are handicap but they can still work). The basic requirements is that a doctor certify the following:

1. That the person is living with the disease (indicate when first diagnosed with the disease)

2. That one spends more time in the toilet trying to pass stool than the average person

If a doctor certifies these condition (by filling out the Government of Canada disability tax credit form), there is an excellent chance to be classified as handicap and entitled to the benefits of this program.

I myself suffer from UC and I have benefited from being part of this program. One has nothing to lose by filling out the proper form and getting your doctor to sign it.

You can contact me privately if you have any questions and I can provide information in filling out the forms. FYI, I am no interest in any financial gain. I only to help people suffering from  horrible diseases like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns. 

The process was quite easy for me and the government was very cooperative. The Federal and provincial government accept my application without question.

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