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Covid and kids

Hi Guys, 

More news from Europe on the Covid catastrophy...this time they are announcing numerous severe cases in small children all under the age of 10.

Apparently there is a link (they have not been able to determine yet whether it is a chicken or an egg scenario).

It seems that all of the kids brought into ER over the last 3 weeks present with Kawasaki disease. They have had an unexpected flood of kids in both England and France. 

Most but not all of the kids presented were seropositive with Covid 19. Most had not been previously diagnosed with Kawasaki. 

They are not sure if it is the Covid that has set off the Kawasaki disease or if the Kawasaki made the kids more vulnerable to Covid, either way, most kids were sent home with treatment although some others were kept for treatment or observation.

There seem to be a lot more cases than anticipated for the time frame so please be vigilant with your kids if they show signs.



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