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LORI726 posted:

I don’t think removal of the J pouch will take care of everything. If they remove the J pouch, do they just reconnect intestine post stoma? If so, I am guessing you would still have some mucus production. And mucus production leads to all that annoying discharge/pressure feelings. I just briefly posted about my J pouch removal and from the little information I have come across, it sounds like the Barbie butt can either be done internally (so your butt looks the same from the outside) or externally so it is like a butt hole never existed. When I had my surgery, I just assumed it would be done externally. My surgeon did it internally and it has been the best thing ever! 3 weeks out and I am able to sit only on a towel on my toilet seat to put a new ostomy appliance on my stoma. I would be curious to see if any other now Barbie butts could comment on how their butt was sewn up. Not sure if either way makes a difference, but the best experience from my surgery so far has been my Barbie butt. I never thought I would be typing that!

I just replied to your post about bb. 

I had my pouch removed almost 4 years ago. 

My surgeon left everything else intact. Just sewing me shut from the inside. I still have my anus. Spinchter muscle. And a short one inch anal canal that is not hooked to anything. It causes no problem.  I get mucous in it but it doesn't come out. Like a sweat Inside. Minor. 

Instead of removing and dealing with all that comes with it maybe. Maybe. They could just sew you up from the inside like she did me. I don't know. Maybe not everyone can be done like mine. 

In fact she said if I wanted to try the pouch again everything is still there to try. I'm not going to. But it's an option.  I will not be doing a pouch again. 


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